Collective Change helps charity & business leaders attract investment by defining, measuring and shouting about your positive impact.


Collective Change helps charity & business leaders attract investment by defining, measuring and shouting about your impact.

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What is impact consulting?

Impact consulting focuses on helping organisations, both in the private and non-profit sectors, create positive and sustainable social or environmental impacts alongside their financial goals.

Our impact consultancy service is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how your organisation is performing, and how you can optimise your impact on the environment and the communities you serve.

By working with us, you’ll be able to effectively measure and demonstrate your social value, enabling you to make informed decisions and refine your programmes and activities for maximum effectiveness.

We will help your organisation become a leader in responsible social impact, improve your reputation, and increase engagement from investors, donors, and customers.

By leveraging our impact evaluation and measurement service, you’ll have access to a range of industry metrics, including impact, sustainability, and social value, enabling you to reliably assess your performance and make a positive impact where it matters most.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards achieving your goals and sign up for our evaluation service today!

Benefits of working with an Impact Consultant?

Who we help

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Charity Leadership Teams

Face the challenge of securing funds to keep doing what they are good at. To do this they need to understand what activities can make the most impact, deliver a quality service, measure the impact of the service and tell others how what they do makes a difference.


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There is an increasing expectation for organisations to show that they take social value seriously and contribute positively to society. The Social Value Act (2012) calls for all public sector commissioning to factor in economic, social and environmental well-being in connection with the issuing of public services contracts.

In response to this, Collective Change was established to work with private, public and third-sector organisations to help them define, measure and communicate the social value they create.


Meet Impact Consultant Joanne Ward

Hi, I’m Joanne Ward, Founder of Collective Change.

I am a social value advocate with a long history of working in community and social enterprise development with 25 years experience of leading, consulting for and advising businesses.

I am an experienced consultant with a successful track record of helping social enterprises and individuals throughout the UK to reach their true potential.

I was formerly a founder and Chief Executive of an award-winning environmental enterprise that has successfully combined the delivery of social, economic and environmental objectives, reaching £1 million turnover through a combination of trading activity, contracts, grants and sponsorship.

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Our Services

Social Value

Social Value is a concept that goes beyond monetary indicators and emphasises the importance of understanding the impact of decisions on people’s lives.

It aims for organisations to create a net positive impact on society, both present and sustainable.

By measuring social value, organizations can make informed decisions, demonstrate their impact, and improve the well-being of their stakeholders.

Environmental Impact

Our service helps organizations identify and measure their environmental impact, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.

It helps organisations reduce waste, conserve resources, improve efficiency, and save money.

Partnering with us shows stakeholders that they are committed to a sustainable future, attracting and retaining customers, investors, and employees who share values and encourage compliance with environmental regulations.

Sign up for our environmental impact measurement service today to make a positive difference.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is crucial for businesses to demonstrate their values, vision, and goals, while also demonstrating accountability and transparency.

CSR can enhance a company’s reputation and brand image, attract and retain loyal customers and employees, increase competitiveness and innovation, and create positive social change and environmental sustainability.

By prioritising social causes, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to social causes, gain trust and loyalty among stakeholders, and contribute to social progress and sustainable development.

Impact Training

Dates for Upcoming Workshops

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September 21st 2023 10-1 Introduction to Impact Measurement.
** For Doncaster Community Wealth Builder clients only

What our lovely clients say...

I have worked with Jo for 5 years. She is an innovator and hard worker. Jo adopts a creative approach to achieving her objectives and always goes the extra mile to get things done. She never shouts about her abilities, preferring to quietly get on with the job without lots of fuss. Jo is great at taking on new challenges, whether it is finding new partners, sourcing manufacturers for a new product, working with a group of young people or completing funding applications. Jo is utterly reliable and a valued member of our team at the LYF

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