About Collective Change

Helping organisations shout about their positive impact!

Collective Change helps organisations to attract investment by helping them to define, measure and communicate their positive impact. We work with private, public and social sector organisations to help them to achieve their social and environmental impact objectives.

Our services include:

Defining the positive impact and outcome goals of organisations using stakeholder engagement.

Creating stakeholder engagement plans, action plans and positive impact statements to guide the implementation of impact strategies.

Achieving social value measurement by collecting and analysing data to evidence impact using established and appropriate frameworks such as Theory of Change and Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Producing impact evaluations, environmental impact assessments and impact reports to showcase the positive impact achievements and learnings of organisations.

Delivering training to empower teams to create and enhance positive impact. (Link to the Training Page)

Our Values

The values of Collective Change are not only ethical, but also strategic. By embracing fairness, sharing, collaboration, equity, and resourcefulness, we can help organisations to be more innovative, resilient, and impactful. We can also create wealth in other ways that are not based on exploitation or extraction, but on mutual benefit and sustainability. Collective Change is not a utopian dream, but a realistic and achievable goal that can build positive momentum for a better future.

Joanne Ward, Director of Collective Change

About Joanne Ward, Impact Consultant

Joanne Ward is an experienced and passionate advocate of social impact with a long history of working in business development.  She was instrumental in creating a city-wide partnership that launched a furniture reuse scheme, which diverted usable furniture from landfill and provided it to local residents in need. Under her leadership, the social enterprise grew to a £1 million turnover and employed 50 people and trainees. It also secured contracts with the local authority and global brands to reuse waste materials and won awards for its innovative work.

Joanne then used her knowledge and experience to train other social enterprises and local authorities across the country on how to collaborate on waste reduction and social impact projects.

For the past 13 years, Joanne has been running her own consultancy business, helping social enterprises and businesses to start up, grow and be socially responsible. She focuses on social value creation and is committed to building a more socially and environmentally just society. She has also trained with Social Value UK to learn how to apply social return on investment methods and is offering this service to her clients from different sectors.

Joanne holds a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in Business (MBA).

What our lovely clients say...

I'm lucky to enough to be coached by Jo, having connected with her through an Aspire conference full of inspirational women. Our sessions are brilliant. At the end of a long day juggling my one year old twins, attempting to get my social enterprise off the ground and freelance work to keep the bills paid, she makes me feel like we're having a good old natter in the pub! We discuss serious questions, and Jo offers spot on advice, but in a relaxed way, with lots of laughter thrown in. I am always left with a clear way forward for challenges that were making me feel ready to give up on the whole thing - and a big smile on my face 🙂

MEAL & Participatory Research Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and MSc Candidate at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

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