Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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A CSR report is a great way to show a company’s social, environmental and economic impacts. It can highlight how the company contributes to sustainable development and addresses the needs and expectations of its stakeholders. An effective CSR report can help a company to communicate its values, vision and goals, as well as demonstrate its accountability and transparency. 

4 Compelling Reasons Why CSR Is Good for Business:

It enhances reputation & brand image

A business that prioritises social responsibility can demonstrate its values, ethics and commitment to social causes and thus increase its positive recognition and reputation. A commitment to CSR provides competitive advantage as it can enhance the company's reputation, trust and loyalty among customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders.

It helps to attract & retain loyal customers & employees

A business that demonstrates CSR can appeal to those who share its vision, mission and values, and who care about the social impact of their choices. This in turn can lead to cost savings through efficiency gains and risk reduction.

It increases the competitiveness and innovation of the business

Developing solutions that can address social and environmental challenges or opportunities. Also, there is an increasing expectation for organisations to show that they take social responsibility seriously and contribute positively to society. The Social Value Act (2012) calls for all public sector commissioning to factor in economic, social and environmental well-being in connection with the issuing of public services contracts.

It creates positive social change and environmental sustainability

By generating social value, a business can create positive impact for people and society. This means addressing the needs and challenges of different groups and areas, such as health, education, poverty, diversity, culture, and environment. By doing so, a business can contribute to social progress and sustainable development.

Some examples of CSR activities are:


Reducing carbon footprint, using renewable energy sources, reducing, reusing & recycling materials and supporting environmental causes.


Volunteering for charities, donating to social causes, sponsoring educational programmes and promoting fair trade.


Adhering to ethical codes of conduct, complying with laws and regulations, ensuring accountability and oversight.

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Our aim is to support enterprises of any size and stage in their impact journey. We help them to define, measure and communicate the positive social and environmental impact of their work.

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