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Social impact consulting to help define, measure and communicate social impact

What is social value?

Social value refers to the positive impact and benefits that an action, initiative, or organisation generates for society as a whole. It encompasses a wide range of outcomes, such as improved community well-being, environmental sustainability, economic development, and the enhancement of individual lives.

When organisations focus on social value, they can make the world fairer and greener by doing good for people and the planet, not just making money. This helps build a better, more equal, and sustainable world where everyone can thrive.

The terms ‘social value’ and ‘social impact’ are often used interchangeably. Social value is a broader concept that encompasses the positive contributions to society, while social impact is a narrower concept that measures the specific outcomes and changes resulting from a particular intervention or initiative.

We can help you create social impact by following 3 steps:

1. Define Social Value

The first stage of creating social impact is to define what it is you would like to change and for who.

Impact mapping is a really useful tool to use at the start of the development of a product or service because it helps to focus on the value and intended outcomes rather than just the features and activities.  Impact mapping is a technique that helps you plan and prioritise your goals and actions. It involves creating a visual map of the issues you would like to help to solve, the impact you want to have, the people who can influence it, the positive impact you aim to make in people’s lives and the deliverables that can support them. 

It is for those who are at the early stages of developing an idea or for those who are reviewing current products and services and are looking for ways to add value to it to have greater appeal to their audience.

We can help you to define your social impact goals

 The impact mapping process consists of 4 stages:

Stakeholder mapping (to gain insight from those that the product/service is aiming to help).

Identifying inputs (resources needed to make it happen).

Describing the product or service that is intended to make the difference (the output).

Identifying the outcomes which are the main objectives or problems that the product or service aims to achieve or solve.

Arrows saying: problem, activities, outputs, outcomes, impact

How does the process work?

A typical impact mapping session lasts for 3-4 hours and can be done individually or with a group. The session is more engaging when done face-to-face, but it can also be done online if preferred.

2. Social Impact Measurement

Social impact measurement is a way of evaluating how an organisation’s actions or inactions affect the well-being and development of the people and communities it serves or impacts. It can help to show the benefits and results of the organisation’s work, as well as to enhance its services, share its impact, and secure more investment.

To measure social impact, different methods and tools can be used, depending on the goal, context, and stakeholders involved. For example, we are trained by Social Value UK to measure Social Return on Investment (SROI). Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a method of accounting for the social, economic, and environmental value created by a organisation.  Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a framework for measuring and accounting for change and this much broader concept of value.

SROI can be a valuable tool for organisations and investors interested in understanding and maximising their social and environmental impact. It helps in decision-making, resource allocation, and demonstrating accountability to stakeholders.

Social Value Problem Tree
Social Value Solution Tree

3. Communicating Positive Social Impact

Communicating social impact is important for organisations to demonstrate their social and environmental impact to stakeholders including customers, investors and the Board of Directors. This can be in the form of an Impact Report or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report.

The primary goal is to share both social and environmental materiality and outcomes and allows organisations to communicate positive and negative social and environmental impact.

Our service helps clients produce reports that suit their target readers. We tailor the content, style and format of the reports to match the expectations and needs of the audience.

Neena Rainey and two ladies from Totem Trilogy in a field with tents
Onsite completing a Social Value Impact Assessment with Totem Trilogy CIC.

What our lovely clients say...

From the moment Jo Ward stepped into our space she just ‘got’ us!! We work with various vulnerable sectors within the community and so we decided it would be so beneficial to have an independent valuation on the delivery of our first grant funded project, Jo was the obvious candidate for the job. The evaluation took place throughout the whole of the retreat which to us showed personal commitment from Jo and her ability to gather genuine content for the report we had asked for.
Jo instantly struck up a trusting rapport with our clients, with her friendly welcoming nature. Jo’s approachability put them at ease, which in turn enabled us to conduct ourselves in a relaxed manner and deliver our valuable service in the usual way.
Once the information had been collated it was delivered in an exceptionally informative way. The report had asked questions and received answers that allowed Totem Trilogy to hear the voices of their clients. We feel this is a crucial and integral part of any company being able to recognise their strengths and rectify their weaknesses.
Thank you, Jo… it was a pleasure working with you. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to others and without doubt will use your services ourselves again!

Director Totem Trilogy CIC

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